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About Xi'an
   Together with Athens, Cairo and Rome, Xi'an is among the four major ancient civilization capitals of the world. It is on the natural westward land route out of China into Central Asia, the starting point and terminus of the Silk Road, which brought the city material wealth as well as religious and cultural melting for over a thousand years.
   Surviving monuments open a window to this ancient city. The short-lived totalitarian state of Qin Shihuang is mirrored in the awe-inspiring massed terra-cotta armies of the Terracotta Warriors. The influence of Buddhism is clear from the Wild Goose Pagoda, a chamber for the translation of the Buddhist scriptures by then widely renowned Master Xuan Zang, who returned to China in 645 after 15 years of travel across India and central Asia. Evidence of the flourishing trade along the Silk Routes may be found in the Shaanxi History Museum and Famen Temple. Another reminder of the enduring legacy of the Silk Road is the Great Mosque of Xi'an, presenting a strong Muslim minority, whose faith remains unchanged although their architecture is a mixture of Chinese design and western Islamic tradition.

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