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As the integral elements of the event, PRICM10 will feature the exhibition and workshop that will enable excellent exposure for company products, technologies, innovative solutions or services. The exhibition and workshop will be organized near the meeting room during PRICM10. The conference will offer an excellent opportunity for companies to do business and maintain key contacts with customers and suppliers. It is also a unique platform for them to promote new products, outline services and highlight key achievements.

Companies will be able to reinforce their participation and enhance their corporate identification by taking advantage of the benefits offered to them as sponsors of the conference.

If you would like to join the exhibition, workshop or sponsorship, please contact with the Conference Secretariat .

Exhibition Condition

The exhibition booth will be located near to the venue of PRICM10, the rent rate and booth size is Standard Booth: 3 × 3 (m2)

Standard booth will be provided: three-side wooden walls, one information desk, two chairs, two lights, one power outlet (220V) and company’s name panel.

1. Exhibitors who wish to participate in the event please fill in Reservation form. 
2. Exhibition booth arrangement: Due to venue constraints, the total number of booths is         limited.

  Booth will be arranged and confirmed based on the sequence of enrollment and payment successively.


The workshops will be held in Xi’an Qujiang International Conference Center from 14:00 to 17:00 on 18 August 2019. Companies are welcome to demonstrate their products, equipment, new technologies and manufacturing processes.
  • CNY 18000/1 hour

  • DAYS
Key Dates
        Deadline for the hotels reservation
             Thursday, August 1, 2019

        Deadline for online registration
             Monday, August 5, 2019