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Hyoung Seop KIM 教授


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Hyoung Seop KIM

Professor Hyoung Seop Kim of POSTECH got his bachelor (1986), master (1988), and Ph.D. (1992) degrees in department of metallurgical engineering, Seoul National University, spent in Chungnam National University (1995-2008), and has joined department of materials science and engineering and graduate institute for ferrous technology (GIFT). POSTECH in 2008. He is the director of the Center for High Entropy Alloys, supported by the Future Materials Discovery Program of Korean National Research Foundation. He was the British Council Fellow (University of Oxford, 1997-1998), Australian Research Council Fellow (The university of Western Australia, 1988-1999), DAAD Scholar (TU Clausthal, 2001), British Chevening Scholar (University of Oxford, 2001-2002). JSPS Fellow (Tohoku University, 2003; Kyushu University, 2007), DFG Visiting Fellow (TU Clausthal, 2004), Visiting Professor (University of Pennsylvania, 2005-2007, 2015-2016). He is the editor-in-chief of Metals and Materials International, editor of Materials Research Letters, associate editor of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, and editorial board member of Materials Science and Engineering A and Journal of Materials Science. He has published more than 500 SCI papers (citations over 7000, h-index 43, Clarivate Analytics). His research field is microstructure and mechanism-based plasticity theory and its application to advanced materials (e.g. porous, amorphous, ultrafine grained, nanocrystalline, heterogeneous metallic materials) and processing (powder metallurgy, severe plastic deformation, additive manufacturing, and material architecturing). He is the Fellows of both the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and the National Academy of Engineering of Korea.

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